Astrid is two flight attendants’ small business, taking advantage of their travels to offer locals from the Philippines access to imported goods through their scheduled layovers.

Marketed as ‘your personal shopper abroad / your new best friend,’ the goal is for Astrid to merely seem like a personal shopper slash a friend buying locals’ coveted imported goods for them, at a more affordable and speedier rate than other shipment companies.

I branded Astrid so that it exudes the warmth and the friendly vibe of the business, and so that the accessibility and ease of use is felt through its visual identity. This isn’t a complicated service (unlike other big shipping companies which have you linked to a US address or whatnot) – one literally only needs to send the page a message and talk to them about what they’re seeking abroad.

Schedules of the owners’ layovers are posted every month so customers have time to think about what they want to order from the destination posted.

‘Thank you’ cards sent to customers

For more information on Astrid, or if you’re looking to buy something for yourself – check out their Facebook page or Instagram.